Pijn Platform Nederland

Name of the organisation: Stichting Pijn Platform Nederland
Abbreviation: PPN
Street: 2254
District: 2301 CG Leiden
Country: The Netherlands
Tel: +31 620611387
E-Mail: info@pijnplatform.nl
Website: www.pijnplatform.nl

President: Frits ( F.A.M.) Winter
Treasurer: Cees (T.C.) Besse
Director: Hilda Wieberneit-Tolman
Director: Margaret von Faber – Kraaijenbrink
Director: Wilco (W. E.) van Genderen
Director: William (W.P.) Achterberg

The PPN is a non-profit, volunteer organisation. One of the goals is to accomplish coöperation between patients-organisations on the subject of pain.
The coöperation is important because pain is still a greatly underestimated problem in the Netherlands. Great number of diseases are related with pain.
Together with the different organisations we want to create improvement in the circumstances and treatment (possibilities) for pain-patients
Hilda Wieberneit-Tolman represents the PPN.

Living/coping with pain in connection to the following quotes:
– have the right to be believed
– have the right to be treated with dignity and respect
– have the right to have the pain treated and managed at the earliest possible stage
– have the right of access to the best possible technologies and therapie in pain treatment and management
– have the right to be informed about all the pain management options available so that there can be made best decisions and choices for wellbeing
– have the right to live with the least amount of pain possible
– have the right to be treated on at least an equal footing with all others who have been diagnosed as having a chronic illness
Fight together for these rights and don’t suffer in silence!

  • Project 2012 – 2014 “ZICHT OP PIJN”
  • Pijnperiodiek
  • Founding member PAE
  • Advising en consultancy
  • DVD – leven met pijn
  • Organisatie bijeenkomsten

Cooperation with several Pain Organisations all over European so together the voice of pain-patients, the problems and solutions will be heard and of influence to practitioners, specialist, insurance companies and government.