Pijn Hoop

Name of the organisation: Foundation Pain-Hope
Abbreviation: Pain-Hope
Street: Honthorstlaan 39 1816 TA Alkmaar
Country: the Netherlands
Tel: 0031 072-5119685
E-Mail: p.roetering@hccnet.nl
Website: www.pijn-hoop.nl

Stichting Pijn – Hoop is een organisatie door mensen met chronische pijn, voor mensen met chronische pijn en verder voor iedereen die al dan niet beroepshalve geïnteresseerd is in het onderwerp pijn.

Stichting Pijn – Hoop wil :
• erkenning van chronische pijn als zelfstandige aandoening en handicap
• betere kennis over het fenomeen chronische pijn bij (huis)artsen en andere hulpverleners in de gezondheidszorg,
• oprichting van een overkoepelende Organisatie of Federatie, waarbij patiëntenorganisaties, beroepsverenigingen en hulpverleners die zich bezighouden met het onderwerp ‘Pijn’ , zich kunnen aansluiten.

President Interim & 1st Treasurer: Hans van Dongen
Secretary: Elly Roetering
Member administrator & 2nd Treasurer: Conny van den Berg
Member: A. Bandell

The Foundation Pain-Hope is an organization for people with chronic pain, by people with chronic pain, which was founded in 1988 by 5 people with chronic pain.
In the meantime, the Foundation Pain-Hope has developed into an important support- and information point for people with chronic pain, but also for many workers in healthcare.

Acknowledgement of chronic pain as a disease in his own right
• More attention and support for people with chronic pain
• Better knowledge of general practitioners and specialists concerning the
phenomenon chronic pain
• More attention to the subject chronic pain at educations in the Health Care
• The appointment of specialized pain nurses and practical assistants

• Establishing a coordinating organization where everyone who works in the
field of pain suppression – pain policy and pain research can participate
• Make an inventory of who does – where – what in the Netherlands in the
field of pain suppression
• Formulating of quality requirements for pain practitioners – (poli)clinics –
hospitals or other institutions which are operative in the field of pain

All our employees are people who themselves are suffering from some sort of pain that for some reason does not cease. Nowadays the Foundation Pain-Hope operates with more than 30 volunteers for a better quality of life for people with chronic pain.

They are achieving this by:
• organizing meetings for fellow-sufferers and others who are interested in
• the matter, whether on a professional basis or not
• organizing readings and training hours at health care organizations or
other patients’ associations
• providing information on pain and pain treatment
• organizing workshops to learn to handle chronic pain.

The Foundation Pain-Hope releases the brochure “About life with chronic pain” concerning tools to handle pain and publishes the trimester booklet “Newsletter” 4 times per year with information, book discussions and other interesting pieces of information regarding pain. The newsletter also communicates locations and dates regarding the fellow-sufferer meetings and the phone numbers where you can get further information or a consultation with someone who knows what it means to have to live with pain on a daily basis.

We submitted twice an official document to our Dutch Government of Health with our wishes and ideas to improve the quality of life with pain.
Our main wish was (and remains) that one day, chronic pain would reach the authority of a disease in his own right.

In the meantime we continue our regular work like for example:
– inform people about medication and pain -treatment, acceptation and coping with chronic pain
– organize meetings and educate students in Healthcare about the impact of chronic pain

We hope that working together in Pain Alliance Europe will make our organization(s) stronger and will help us to accomplish a better quality of life for patients with chronic pain.