Pain UK

Name of the organisation: Pain UK
Street: c/o SSS, 41 North Road
District: London N7 9DP
Country: United Kingdom
Tel: +442076079661


Chair: Antony Chuter
Trustees: Marian Nicholson, Nicki Campbell, Casey Freeman

Pain UK is the umbrella association providing a collective voice for charities in the U.K. The organization was founded in 2011 at the UK Pain Summit. By 2018 it had 31 charities as full members and five charities/organisations as associate members, as well as an advisory board with various professional advisors.

Pain UK – is an alliance providing a voice for people living with pain.  As the national umbrella group for UK pain charities, it aims to:

  • Raise awareness of the burden of pain on individuals and society
  • Ensure people with pain are at the centre of pain treatment/management initiatives and are empowered to self manage
  • Promote the assessment, recording and treatment of pain as the 5th vital sign
  • Encourage the provision of adequate training for health professionals on pain assessment and treatment
  • Work to ensure that people with pain have equal and early access to assessment, information, support and effective treatment/management services