Myeloma Euronet Romania

Name of the organisation: Myeloma Euronet Romania
Abbreviation: MER
Street: Calea Vuctoriei 194
District: Sector 1, Bucharest
Country: Romania
Tel: +40 723543333

President: Viorica Cursaru
Vice President: Mihaela Despa
Secretary: Maria Badea
Treasurer: Mariana Petersel
Member: Lizica Mocanu
Member: Stefan Mocanu

Myeloma Euronet Romania was founded in 2006. MER includes 400 members, out of whom 250 are patients suffering from multiple myeloma and 150 are family members and care givers. In 2006, Myeloma Euronet Romania became a member of the the European Patients Organizations Myeloma Euronet, ECPC and EURORDIS.

Myeloma Euronet Romania is a member of EMA Eudract Jog and Eudract CT.

The main HQ of Myeloma Euronet Romania is located in Bucharest. In 2010, we opened a national branch in Timisoara and concluded an agreement with the Generatie Tanara Organization. In 2010 and 2011, Myeloma Euronet Romania organized 2 international conferences, in Bucharest and Timisoara, and invited speakers from Romania , Germany, Austria, Switzerland and USA. In their presentations, the speakers, amongst whom Prof. Dr. Werner Linketsch, University of Graz, Prof. Nikolaus Kroeger and Prof. Eric Aerts, Univ. of Zurich, in addition to information about current treatments in Europe also touched upon the issue of pain which, for multiple myeloma patients, sometimes becomes unbearable.

• Provide information on appropriate diagnosis, treatment, care and support for myeloma and pain patients and their families
• Provide information on how to cope with pain and how to improve the quality of life.
• Advocate the cause of myeloma and other pain patients and their needs among EU health care policy makers and share best practice in shaping appropriate policies at the European level
• Ensure equal access to the highest standards of treatment and care, for the improvement of quality of life
• Build partnerships among members of Myeloma Euronet in order to share experience and expertise
• Encourage the growth of new multiple myeloma and pain patient groups throughout Europe, especially in cities and countries where they are not now found
• Raise European awareness of multiple myeloma and pain amongst relevant stakeholders and the public

Myeloma Euronet’s core values:

• Diversity
• Transparency
• Professionalism
• Integrity
• Commitment
• Representativeness/empowerment of patients

– Consistent awareness campaigns at the European level which hopefully will trigger the attention of the EU decision makers in order to make pain acknowledged as a disease on its own and not a symptom

– Networking with other European Patients Organizations and stakeholders for the improvement of the present medical assistance in Europe and possibly for a harmonized approach of health in general by the EU member countries.