International Painful Bladder Foundation

Name of the organisation: International Painful Bladder Foundation
Abbreviation: IPBF
Street: Mahlerlaan 4
District: 1411 HW Naarden
Country: The Netherlands
Tel: +31-35-8879516 (including country code)

President: Jane Meijlink
Secretary: Toby Meijlink
Treasurer: Florentina Ferreyra
Members: Dot Milne, Nagendra Mishra

The Stichting International Painful Bladder Foundation (IPBF) was formally incorporated as an international non-profit voluntary organisation by notarial deed on 2 September 2005 and was registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Rotterdam, the Netherlands under number: 24382693 on 5 September 2005. Its official address is located in Rotterdam. In all legal issues, Dutch law prevails. The Foundation has fiscal charitable status in the Netherlands, Charity Fiscal Number: 8168.41.597.

To promote the interests of patients with interstitial cystitis, hunner lesion, bladder pain syndrome bladder pain syndrome/painful bladder syndrome, hypersensitive bladder, chronic pelvic pain and associated disorders; to increase awareness and knowledge among patients, doctors and other healthcare providers, health institutions, industry and the general public worldwide; to stimulate and participate in international scientific research and decision-making; to promote international cooperation between all parties concerned.

The right for patient organisations to be given the opportunity to fully participate in national and international discussions and decision-making on healthcare, treatment, reimbursement, patient information, as well as standardisation issues such as taxonomy, guidelines, definitions, terminology and classification. This is where patient-centred healthcare begins.

The right for patient organisations to be given the opportunity to participate in scientific research into all aspects of pain.

To ensure that patient organisations have the opportunity to participate in discussion meetings with other patient organisations in the field of pain and with all other stakeholders.

Concrete action from Pain Alliance Europe leading to concrete action from the EU.