Fundacja Chustka

Name of the organisation: Fundacja Chustka
Street: ul. Ksawerów 3
District: 02-656 Warsaw
Country: Poland
Phone: +48 734 437 680


President: Agnieszka Olejnik
Vice President: Joanna Błażejczyk
Member: Agnieszka Kiedrowska


President: Kinga Kamińska
Members: Anna Osiak, Sylwia Hofman

Chustka Foundation has been established to support people living with pain. Our primary efforts are in making and maintaining direct contact with patients and their families, educating them about their options with regards to pain management.

The second area of our operations relates to educating and informing the public about the concept of treating pain being both possible and necessary. We accomplish through media campaigns as well as through direct contact and support for the organizations related to pain management.