FOCUS Fibromyalgie Belgique

Name of the organisation: FOCUS Fibromyalgie Belgique
Street: Rue Frerot, 30
District: 7020 Mons
Country: Belgium
Tel:+32 37 88 58 ; +32 474 821 104

Nadine Chard’homme – President
Annie Pirmez – Vice-president
Chantal De Glas – Secretarytreasurer
Agnès Miccoli, Annie Michaux, Marie-Hélène Lejeune et Freddy Vantomme – Administrators

First statutes: 19 March 1998
Founding members still active: Dr Masquelier and Lydie Vanroose

Initial mission: Helping fibromyalgia patients at a time when fibromyalgia was unknown to most and not recognised.

  • guiding people with fibromyalgia, providing them with moral support and social orientation
  • help and inform their family and the professional and socio-cultural environment
  • participate in the dissemination of information concerning fibromyalgia
  • promote any action to improve the autonomy of the fibromyalgia patient
  • educate the patient to facilitate their integration into the world of disability and into society
  • promote networking on all issues related to fibromyalgia
  • establish contacts, exchanges and partnerships with Belgian and foreign associations
  • sensitize the medical profession and public institutions concerned with health problems