Fibromyalgie en Samenleving

Name of the organisation: Fibromyalgie en Samenleving
Abbreviation: F.E.S.
Street: Noorderweg 62 
District: 1221 AB Hilversum 
Country: The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)35 6220612

Director: Ingeborg Audier
Presidents: Bram Tack and Yvette Moerdijk
Secretary: Jannigje Knobbout
Treasurer: Martin Splinter
Board member: Anne-Jitske van Daalen-Cooper

F.E.S. was founded in 1986 when a couple fibromyalgia patients decided that there was not enough done for them. They formed an association and after a rough starting period the association was growing and growing until its 10.000 members it has today. Their vision was to get fibromyalgia recognized as a disease so a proper diagnose and treatment was possible. They realized soon that cooperation whit other patient organizations was necessary to get heard by the policy makers. First in The Netherlands and later (2002) in Europe were they became one of the founding members of ENFA.

The main objectives for F.E.S. are to get Fibromyalgia recognized, developed a treatment, and make sure people with fibromyalgia get the best possible assistance to make sure they will have a goo quality of live. The will try to get this done by providing information to patients, healthcare professionals, politicians, policy makers and the general public. Raise awareness for fibromyalgia on a national and international level. Promote research and better education on fibromyalgia.

F.E.S. expect PAE to gain more awareness for pain conditions in general and by doing so improve the quality of live for people with chronic pain.