Fédération d'Associations Thera Wanka

Thera Wanka

Name of the organisation: Fédération d’Associations Thera Wanka
Abbreviation: –
Street: 9, rue Franklin
District: 26000 Valence
Country: France
Tel: +33 (0)7-76-69-55-94
E-Mail: atw@association-thera-wanka.org
Website: https://association-thera-wanka.org/

President name: Corine Cliquet
Vice President name: Raymonde Cliquet
Secretary: Laetitia Matrat
Treasurer: Sylvie Guérin
Member: Nancy Genthial (financial audit), Carine Gentil

The Association has been created in 2012, in Valence, France.

The Association aims:

  • To reveal CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome) type 1 & 2 as well as other rare diseases, painful and affecting the nervous system,
  • To recognize that these pathologies cause complications and handicaps;
  • To communicate to the authorities the new data collected on these pathologies as well as the possibilities of delivering them to doctors, paramedical professions and all other professions relating to medicine;
  • To work to ensure that patients’ associations are heard and that their opinions are taken into account in insurance decisions;
  • To work to ensure that patients who are familiar with their pathology are recognized as expert patients who can be consulted in compensation proceedings;
  • To sensitize people and the medical world to problems related to the disease through conferences, speaking groups, and to encourage information and training in the medical field;
  • To promote research into the causes and therapeutics of the disease, to inform all aspects of the CRPS and to improve the information of patients on the evolution of research and treatment of this disease;
  • To implement all actions that help patients with CRPS;
  • To facilitate exchanges between patients affected by this disease and the sharing of experiences;
  • To encourage the medical community and pharmaceutical laboratories to develop new and better-adapted therapies;
  • To provide support, understanding, spaces for dialogue, care within multidisciplinary medical centers, patients and all those affected by the disease;
  • To disseminate the results and possibilities of the various treatments to those affected by the disease, the population, and social organizations;
  • To morally support the families of patients suffering from this disease and to provide them with the advice of specialists,
  • To develop social actions for a better knowledge of the disease;
  • To fight and take legal action against all forms of discrimination related to this disease;
  • Encourage prevention of CRPS disease;
  • Federate other associations of patients suffering from painful or rare diseases;
  • To obtain recognition of public utility in order to strengthen our means of action;
  • To take the opportunity, by all legal means, to assist in the organization and functioning of the member associations.

The Association Thera Wanka aims to keep CPRS patients informed of the latest steps forward in medicine related to CPRS, disseminate information on recent conferences related to pain in general, and especially to CRPS.

The president of the association, Mrs. Corine Cliquet, being a nurse herself, has an additional project for the Association – to create a Care Complex for patients with CRPS and rare diseases, mixing the conventional and alternative therapies. The scope of this structure will be to promote prevention, to make patients actors of their pathology and of their pain. The association wants the complex to be open to collaboration with persons and institutions with similar objectives and to promote communication between health professionals, researchers, and patients.