Federation Bulgarian Patients Forum

Name of the organisation: Federation Bulgarian Patients Forum
Abbreviation: FBPF
Street: Sveta troitsa, bl.297
District: 1309 Sofia
Country: Bulgaria
Tel: +359893555956
Website: www.fbpf.org

Chairman of the organization: Mr. Ivan Dimitrov.

The Federation members include:

  • Association of patients with renal transplant and dialysis patients
  • Association of the patients with liver transplants.
  • Members also include also the Oncological, Rheumatologically, Diabetic, Psoriatic organizations, children with PKU and others.

We succeeded to find solutions for:

  • in 2009 we partially settled the problems with the old dialysis equipment. In 35 dialysis centers in the country, the equipment was renewed.
  •  Since 2011 the medicines for transplanted patients are paid by NHIF and there is no lack of medication

In December 2014  the „Association of liver transplanted“ became a member of the FRPF. The major goals are: increase the health culture of the population and especially of young people, aiming at prevention of chronic diseases, causing hepatic failure; realizing complete social contacts and communication between patients.

2018 – we started hepatitis screening. We have succeeded to examine more than 700 people.

2019 – we plan to launch a major national screening for prostate cancer.

We still have problems with:

  • Additional payment for medications for transplanted patients
  • Lack of legal differentiation between biological and biosimilar medications
  • Lack of state priority in the area of transplantation
  • Limits for hospital admission
  • Lack of drugs for cancer patients
  • We are a huge umbrella organization, comprising smaller patients’ organizations. Because we are stronger united. We think that the reason for the big organizations is to help the smallest to deal with problems.