Endometriosis Association of Ireland

Name of the organisation: The Endometriosis Association of Ireland
Abbreviation: Endo
Street: Carmichael House, North Brunswick Street
District: Dublin 7
Country: Ireland
Tel: +353 1 873 5702
E-Mail: info@endo.ie

Website: http://www.endometriosis.ie/about-eai/

Chair:Kathleen King
Secretary: Bébhinn NicLiam
Treasurer: Shauna Heslin
Member: Charlie Barr, Mary Heslin,  Laura Kearns

The Endometriosis Association of Ireland was formed in 1987, to provide information and support for women with endometriosis. The association is run on a voluntary basis, mostly by women who have endometriosis themselves.

The association is going through a period of rapid change at the moment.  We have recruited new board members, with a valuable skill mix. The board is currently addressing key objectives, such as constituting a medical board, strategic management, fundraising events, political lobbying and awareness programmes.

We are currently planning our next information day, with a new format reflecting the views and wishes of members from feedback gathered from this year’s successful event. The 2015 Worldwide EndoMarch will give us another opportunity to bring endometriosis to media attention in Ireland. Planning is already under way for this exciting global event.

We welcome contributions from everyone for all our events, no matter how small. We are here to represent our members, those affected by endometriosis in Ireland, their partners and families.

The EAI and those living with endometriosis face significant challenges such as access to effective healthcare with timely diagnosis, poor public awareness and difficulties in the workplace.

The future goals of the association will be to address these deficiencies by:

  • Lobbying government to include endometriosis on school health education programmes and on GP training programmes;
  • Educational material for those affected to be available in schools, clinics
  • Run Chronic Disease Self Management Courses;
  • Support the current Multi Disciplinary Centre for Endometriosis Treatment at the UPMC Beacon Hospital, Dublin and campaign for an equivalent in the public healthcare system;
  • Encourage participation of women from all over Ireland with the EAI;
  • Foster cross border and international links.

To represent the 1 in 10 women with endometriosis in Ireland (up to 155,000) we rely on membership and fundraising. We do not receive government funding or any regular source of income. The board consists of six unpaid volunteers, who donate their time to the association’s activities.