Association Francophone pour Vaincre les Douleurs

Name of the organisation: Association Francophone pour Vaincre les Douleurs
Abbreviation: AFVD
Street: 1 Route de la Petite Roche, La Tillerolle
District: 79200 Pompaire
Country: France
Tel: +33 615578383

President name: Martine Chauvin
Vice President name: Christiane Wozniack
Secretary: Catherine Vincendeau
Treasurer: Brigitte Fortune
Member: Martine Faucher, Axelle Sebire, Martine Boutet, Dominique Tessier, Laurence Opigez, Daniel Duchamp, Claudette la Sourdiere

AFVD was created in 2006 by Martine Chauvin. Having chronic back pain, she had a surgical operation (arthrodesis) in 1999 which worked well for 2 years. From 2001 to 2003, Martine could not get pain relief from any proposed treatment and had to live bedridden and suffering, until she was proposed to try spinal cord neuromodulation after some relief obtained with external nerve stimulation. It worked so well that Martine decided to buy her own devices (non-reimbursed in France). She then decided through the creation of AFVD to help other pain patients by sharing her experience. Her first action was to write 2 books relating her story with pain, and also her story with pain relief. She had the vision that her association could help accelerating access to care and pain management, and could favor stronger relations between patients and physicians. Solutions for pain exist that physicians should be aware of, in order to propose them to all pain patients who could benefit from them. Fight prejudice, Inform and Help are the guiding words of AFVD daily work.

AFVD is a non-profit patient organization representing patients experiencing any type of chronic pain as well as their family circle and carers. The association has around 150 adherents, patients, parents and friends throughout France.

AFVD has been recognized as a public interest association in 2008. AFDV is a foundational member of Pain Alliance Europe by the bylaw of the 6th Jully 2012. AFDV  has received the Agrément National Award for its representation of the users in different hospital departments or public health authorities. AFDV is also a member of CISS (Collectif Inter-associatif Sur la Santé) in regions. AFDV has received the label IDEAS in October 2014.

AFVD is a non-profit patient organization representing patients experiencing any type of chronic pain as well as their family circle and carers.
AFVD has two main objectives :

  1. Change the way chronic pain is considered : chronic pain should no longer be viewed as a fatality, but instead should be recognized as a disease by itself, causing physical impairment, psychological distress, and socio-professional difficulties. For that purpose, AFVD activities are fully dedicated and intended to improve chronic pain prevention, diagnosis and management.
  2. Help and support patients suffering from chronic pain: inform patients and their relatives about pain management solutions, change patients behaviors towards pain (face their pain and act towards pain relief, rather than remain passive and fatalist), listen to patients, share experiences, and help them to claim for support, treatment, and respect of their dignity.
  1. Reinforce patient voice through European forces of different associations / increase awareness on chronic pain;
  2. Obtain recognition of chronic pain as a disease;
  3. Obtain from European political responsible strong decisions to improve chronic pain prevention, diagnosis and treatment;
  4. Improve access to pain management throughout Europe for all patients (equal rights for care);
  5. Improve pain education among the health professionals (nurses, physicians);
  6. We wish that in all the European countries the chronic pain is recognized as the real disease and is integrated into all the laws of public health.