Arthrithis and Musculoskeletal Alliance

Name of the organisation: The Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Alliance
Abbreviation: ARMA
Street: Bride House 18-20 Bride Lane
District: London EC4Y 8EE
Country: United Kingdom
Tel: +442078420910

President name: Prof. David Marsh
Vice President name: Mr. Phillip Monks
Vice President: Louise Warburton, Maureen Cox, Peter Skew, Peter Prouse, Anthony Redmond, Steve Holloway, Adewale Adebajo, Tom Margham
Other: Ros Meek

ARMA is the umbrella association providing a collective voice for the Arthritis and musculoskeletal community in the U.K. The organization was founded in 1972 as the British League Against Rheumatism (BLAR). The name was changed in 2002. ARMA’s vision is of an effective, unified musculoskeletal community working together to improve the lives of people with musculoskeletal disorders.

ARMA drives to transform the lives of people with musculoskeletal disorders This is achieved through partnership with organizations, by shaping policy and best practice.