Member News – May 2016
Pain UK – Parliament’s Health Group

Marian Nicholson, the PAE board member from Pain UK attended the UK’s “All Party Parliamentary Health Group” discussion on “Keeping People with Health Problems in Work and Getting Them Back into the Workforce: The Vital Link between Employment and Good Health” on 25th May 2016.

Pain UKThis was particularly interesting as it
coordinated with one of the workshops in the SIP event a few days later.  All the speakers had great ideas for helping people to stay in, or get back to, their jobs.

You can see some of the presentations in these links:

  • Dr Paul Litchfeld, Chief Medical Officer, BT Group plc – Presentation
  • Philip Kirk at Fit for Work – Presentation
  • Deborah Jamieson, Head of External Relations-Stakeholder, User Insights and Culture Change lead, Joint Work and Health Unit – Presentation
  • Kirsty McHugh, Chief Executive Officer, Employment Related Services Association (ERSA)
  • Michael, a former jobseeker

You can find full website presentation by accesing this link:


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