PAE News

Survey on Chronic Pain

A very exciting and useful project is now ready for your participation. PAE has created an internet survey which is available on the website of PAE.

We ask all our member organisations to feature the link for the survey that is in their language on their website.  (If you need advice on which one to use, ask  You can show links for two or more versions if you wish: we have created 16 versions in different European languages.

The power of this survey will increase according to how many answers we get. So we urge you to ask your members and all other chronic pain patients to click through and complete the survey in order to collect as much information as possible.

The results will be put through a careful analysis and we will publish them on our website. We will also provide our members with the relevant data which is in their language, so they can advocate for better options in their own countries. At the European level we will use these results to strengthen our lobbying activities.

If this survey proves successful, we have plans for other surveys on the various topics dealing with chronic pain such as work, insurance, etc.

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