According to the latest data from the report of the Council of the European Union on chronic diseases and the role of pain, in Europe the prevalence of chronic pain is between 16% and 46%: this means that about 80 million Europeans are affected by moderate to severe chronic pain. In Italy this prevalence reaches 26% of the population: 13 million people suffer daily. These data highlight how chronic pain is a real social drama, an epidemic of suffering with a strong impact on the quality of life of those affected, their families and also national health systems, an emergency that therefore requires the Civil Society to deal with the need to build innovative procedures for the treatment, care and prevention of pain.

For this reason, since 2009, with the patronage of major national and international institutions, ISAL annually organizes the Hundred Cities Day against Pain, an event designed to promote the awareness of institutions and civil society towards the problem of chronic pain and to give voice to the needs of people affected by chronic pain.

The Hundred Cities Day Against Pain wants to:

  • Raise awareness and inform the population about the prevention and treatment of chronic pain
  • Encourage the media to contribute in the battle against pain
  • Support the nationwide application of Law 38/10, a law that guarantees the right of access to specialized centres for pain treatment
  • Develop a network of solidarity, scientific and social, which connects doctors who deal with chronic pain therapy and the citizens who suffer from it
  • Give support to those who suffer by means of a free specialist medical consultation
  • Have chronic pain recognized as a disease to be prevented and treated


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