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Red Española de FM-SFC-SQM


The Spanish PAE member Red Española de FM-SFC-SQM brings to our attention a novel inspired by the experience of chronic pain.

Inevitable as life itself
When the pain is called Fibromyalgia

Author: Xan Eguia
The novel is tells the story of two women affected by chronic pain. In their life, in the most painful and complicated part, but also in the adventures that led them to become a part of an Association at European level.2016-10-24-13-01-13
Complex Circumstances  and sometimes very hard,  that resolve with an exemplary attitude and a very special sense of humor.

Author’s Publications:
“Inevitable as life itself”
When the pain is called Fibromyalgia
✔Author and book illustrator
✔Author and illustrator of the children´s novel “I am bad”! The stirring adventures of a girl with Down syndrome”

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