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The sixth annual event Hundred Cities against Pain organized by Fondazione ISAL was held on Saturday, 1st October 2016.

100 Cities Agains Pain

135 cities in Italy and around Europe took part in the event which has received the Medal of the Italian President of the Republic as institutional recognition. The aim of the Day is to sensitize and inform people about pain, to recognize chronic pain as a preventable and treatable disease, support health care efforts to prevent and manage chronic pain, promote fundraising for research, facilitate the development of specialist education, and involve media in pain fighting.

Each year, individuals, patients, doctors, associations and institutional agencies join the celebration of the International Day by organizing their own events in cities or hospitals, supporting the initiative through website and social networks, participating in the web

#zeropain16 campaign.

The event received the patronage of the main Italian political institutions as well as of the main international organizations working on pain: PAE (Pain Alliance Europe), MEP Interest Group on Brain, Mind and Pain and EFIC (European Federation of IASP Chapters).

In Italy about 13 million people suffer with chronic pain. According to the outcome of a survey by Fondazione ISAL for the 2015 event, it has been shown that even if the majority of people recognize chronic pain as a disease in its own right, information on pain therapies and pain centers is very narrow and many sufferers have no guidance about where they could be referred in order to receive adequate treatment.

Fondazione ISAL works towards the recognition of chronic pain as a disease, and to help sufferers.

Fondazione ISAL website

The list of Italian cities participating

The list of foreign cities

The FB page of the event and of Fondazione ISAL where all the #zeropain16 selfies are collected


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