The Hellenic League Against Rheumatism organized a series of  6  webinars  under the general title “I will be the winner, by learning”. 

Each webinar has a different topic, e.g.  Rheumatic patients during COVID-19, tips to face the stress after the lockdown, how digital applications can help you, differentiations and similarities between prototype drugs, genomics, biosimilars and JAKs, rheumatic diseases and comorbidities, etc.  The webinars were shared on the Facebook page of the league.


The main objectives of the webinars were:

  1. To share reliable information to patients with Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Problems, their families during COVID-19
  2. To Inform and empower patients and caregivers about self-care
  3. To provide psychological support of patients and their caregivers
  4. To train patients for digital health that helps significantly in the treatment of rheumatic diseases

The lectures were given by professors and healthcare professionals who answered the questions of the participants during the Q&A session.

Each webinar averaged 5500 views.


Lupus Awareness Campaign “LUPUS GR.2020” presented to EULAR Congress 2020 with an e-poster.

The poster displayed a special visual project for Lupus aiming to contribute to relieving the stigma of lupus, since the problem of prejudice and stigmatization against mental and physical illness remains unchanged.  Director and script writer of the campaign was Mr Michael Konstantinidis. The campaign consists two videos and seventeen photos of well-known artists who volunteered to help advocate and support the message of Lupus “living amongst us”.

Each photo also contains an important message about Lupus.​

If organisations would like to support the LUPUS  Campaign, just send an email to (attn: Mrs Katy Antonopoulou).

More info about the campaign: campaign

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