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Pain Alliance Europe’s General Assembly


Pain Alliance Europe’s 2017 General Assembly took place on the 9th June, at the Grand Hotel Excelsior, Malta.

23 representatives of PAE member organisations attended and shared their interest in contributing to the association’s next actions and in being informed about the details of the ongoing projects.

PAE President Joop Van Griensven presented an overview of the activities of the past year, highlighting the main points and the possibilities of improvement. 2016’s financial report was presented by Viorica Cursaru.

The activities for 2018 were outlined and a corresponding budget was presented and approved in unanimity by the delegates present.

This General Assembly decided upon the level of the membership fee introduced according to the statutes of the organisation, but which had been established to zero level thus far. The Board asked the GA to establish a minimum level of the membership fee.  Reasons for a fee included the credibility of the organisation in the eyes of its peers and partners, also in order to diversify our revenue sources and to assure a minimum of sustainability of the association with the support of its members.  The delegates voted to agree to a membership fee and the established level of contribution, with one abstention.

The assembly discussed the current projects: BMP Grant and the PAE Survey on chronic pain.

The Red Balloon project had held its final event on 7th July and some of the members had taken part. Joop Van Griensven announced a follow-up on the project and asked members to endorse and support it.

The delegates then asked questions about the Expert group platform on the Societal Impact on Pain, which has been announced as a new project where their involvement is required.  The Board explained that procedures for the administration of the platform – which Pain Alliance Europe shares responsibility for with EFIC – are currently being created and by the end of the summer PAE will be sending out communication with details and instructions.

Yanina Flossbach, medical director at Novartis presented a new clinical study on their new treatment for neuropathic pain which is expected not to provoke side effects such as dizziness and sleepiness. PAE members were invited to support this project if applicable to their organisation.

The meeting was followed by a networking dinner where the delegates could share insights on the event in Malta and their organisations’ projects.

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