On January 17th, a multidisciplinary workgroup, invited patients’ associations to discuss the issues of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) during a meeting of the “Superior Council of Health” (CSS). Dr. Masquelier (PhD), a specialist in fibromyalgia and member of the medical council team of Focus FM Belgium, attended.

Our President, who is a nurse specializing in algology, represented Focus FM Belgium, for the French-speaking part of Belgium. Our exchanges highlighted the experiences and the difficulties of diagnosis, recognition and therapeutic possibilities of chronic fatigue.

Why did Focus FM Belgium participate in this meeting?

CSF and FM have similarities and differences. 

Here is a slide that was part of our presentation to help understand those nuances:

We can underline that CFS is diagnosed more often in the North (Dutch-speaking) part of Belgium than in the South (French-speaking). On the other hand, there are a greater number of Centres for CFS in the South. Some patients attend chronic pain centers, provided they present persistent pain and chronic fatigue, as we mentioned in the slide.

There will be more meetings of the different associations, and we will keep you up to date.

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