Feel my pain logoA targeted campaign on pain awareness has been developed recently by Grunenthal, in collaboration with Montescano Pain School. Pain Alliance Europe is an official supporter of this project and encourages its members to make use of its tools in order to develop national campaigns: the pain simulator box, the questionnaire, the results of it, the patients stories and others.

The campaign aims to raise awareness for the burden of localized neuropathic pain patients, to support patients in their need for information about their unbearable pain, to improve the communication between patients and physicians and to improve the misdiagnosis and trial and error treatment approach.

You can find more information about this on the campaign’s official website page (available in FR, IT, EN, ES and soon in DE): www.mypainfeelslike.com

About the questionnaire

On the campaign website you will find a questionnaire entitled “my pain questionnaire” which encourages the patients to use their own words for describing their pain, in order to increase the health professionals’ understanding of the associated words related to localised neuropathic pain. It also inquires about how the pain affects the life of the patient and invites to highlight the areas of the body where pain is mostly felt.

Link to questionnaire

About the pain simulator box

Feel my pain box

The box was developed by Prof. Roberto Casale from Montescano PainSchool (Italy) and aims to demonstrate how localized neuropathic pain feels like and to discuss the burden of patients suffering from this disease and their challenge to express what they feel. It already had huge success at the EFIC Congress in October 2013 and was accompanied by a market research where doctors were asked to describe how the pain felt. The descriptions included words such as “burning”, “tingling”, “electric” and astonishingly those were exactly the same words doctors used to list how their patients will describe the same type of pain.

This box will be brought at the PAE Parliament event in April.




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