The EBC VoT case study on Chronic Pain kicked off on 2 December 2020 with the first meeting of the working group composed of experts nominated by the European Academy of Neurology (EAN), the European Pain Federation (EFIC) and patient experts from Pain Alliance Europe (PAE).

This first meeting, under the conceptualisation phase of the research project, aimed to define the scope of the study: the type of chronic pain disorder, segment(s) of the patient journey, healthcare setting(s) and population(s) to be studied bearing in mind potential policy impact. The working group agreed to use the WHO ICD-11 classification to select the type of chronic pain disorder. It aims to reach a consensus on the scope and deliver a study protocol by the end of February 2021. Depending on the chronic pain disorder selected, additional experts will be invited to join the group.

This case study is part of the EBC VoT research framework initiated by EBC in 2015 which aims to provide evidence-based policy recommendations for optimizing health care systems around the needs of patients with brain disorders. It is a health economics and outcomes research framework addressing all brain disorders and coordinated by the EBC. Case studies demonstrate health gains and socio-economic impacts resulting from optimal healthcare interventions.

The results of the 2-year case study on Chronic Pain are due to be released by the end of 2022 and will be translated into policy recommendation. These will be used for advocacy purposes and will contribute to improve quality of life of people living with chronic pain.

The EBC VoT Chronic Pain case study is supported with grants from Grünenthal and Pfizer.

Pain Alliance Europe is proud to be part of this project.

More about the Value of Treatment Project and previous case studies can be found here: The Value of Treatment – European Brain Council (EBC)

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