It is estimated that 4.7% of the European population suffers from Fibromyalgia (5.8% women and 3.5% men). Despite being a disease recognized by the World Health Organization and some European countries, most patients have difficulty accessing appropriate treatment/follow-up and many of the diagnoses are late. Being an invisible disease, it places an even greater weight on these people, because much of society, and even health professionals, do not believe in the existence of Fibromyalgia.

Few European countries have legislation to support these patients. This has enormous consequences for these people on many levels. A lot of people feel excluded because of their diagnosis. 

For these reasons, ENFA – European Network of Fibromyalgia Associations has created their campaign “The Faces of Fibromyalgia”, to give visibility to this people with this condition which is still poorly understood and accepted, to show that Fibromyalgia affects people of all ages, regardless of gender and nationality. It is a movement to empower the patient, to alert society that Fibromyalgia exists and that changes in public policies are needed to support people, who often have their lives affected due to their diagnosis. If you suffer from Fibromyalgia or you support the cause, please participate in the campaign! Just take a photo of yourself holding a paper where you have written “Fibromyalgia is real”, in the language of your country. Finally, please send the photo by e-mail to mentioning your name and nationality.

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