The ‘Plain Talking’ health literacy campaign is aimed at both clinicians and people living with pain. Over the next three years, the Health Literacy Working Group will raise awareness of the concept and impact of health literacy. It will also focus on improving communication between people living with pain and their clinicians by developing a range of materials and useful resources for all.

As people living with pain are at the heart of this campaign, the Health Literacy Working Group has developed a survey to better understand the needs and challenges of people living with chronic pain as part of the ‘Plain Talking’ campaign. Pain Alliance Europe is pleased to participate as a patient representative in this EFIC campaign via Deirdre Ryan (PAE President-candidate) and Mariana Branco (PAE EU Affairs Coordinator).

This survey will serve as the basis for the campaign and help the working group to develop the right materials over the next three years. If you live with chronic pain and would like to participate in this campaign, you can complete this survey here

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