“During my years at EFIC I got more and more convinced of the need and the added value of teaming up with the central actors in pain: the patients. At the start of my presidency I announced that a personal goal is to strengthen the collaboration with patient organizations.

As EU liaison officer for our federation over the past three years I have learnt that teaming up with the patient is extremely important in moving forward. Therefore, I want to keep the patient’s slogan in mind: “Nothing about us, without us!”

The collaboration in the SIP platform has really strengthened the relationships. Since both our organizations are located in the heart of Europe near the EU institutions the Belgian national motto is “Unity makes strength”. Moreover, we should continue our collaboration because “Divided, we fall”.

Having offices in the same building in Brussels will help to achieve our common goal: to improve the life of millions of patients with pain in Europe.”

Bart Morlion, President of the European Pain Federation (EFIC)

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