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European Brain Council (EBC)

The 22nd November 2017 seems to be a busy day for health-related events in the EU Parliament in Brussels.

After the MEP Interest Group on Brain, Mind and Pain Meeting (8h30-10h30) discussing case-studies from across Europe on Ensuring equitable access to high-quality treatment in brain, mind and pain disorders, starting 13h00 European Brain Council (EBC) will hold an event focused on the digitalisation of healthcare.

Hosted by MEPs Mr.  Michał Boni and Mr. Carlos Zorrinho, the event will explore how digital technology for healthcare can benefit the brain, and how we can ensure that these benefits reach the people who need it most.

As digital technologies continue to develop at a rapid pace and the use of health data continues to widen, both are beginning to change both our lives and the organisation of healthcare, EBC would like to take a step forward and join the forerunners in the digital movement. We would like to join the leading voices in digital health, as we believe we offer the right arena to build consensus amongst many different stakeholders.

Speakers include: Prof. David Nutt (EBC), MEPs Michael Boni & Carlos Zorrinho, Magda Chlebus (EFPIA), Monika Benson (MyDystonia App), Kim Baden-Kristensen (Brain+) and representatives from the Estonian Presidency of the EU and mHealth start-ups (TBC)

Read more about the event here and follow the link below to register:


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