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Spanish Rheumatological League


On February 3rd 2018, the Spanish Rheumatological League was invited as the only patient association to participate in the Day of the Integrated approach of the rheumatic patient.

The event took place in the Hotel Meliá María Pita of A Coruña.

The rest of the public were health professionals of the Social Security of Galicia, the autonomic region where we work.

The Journey was directed by the Head of the Rheumatology Department of Coruña Hospital (CHUAC), Dr. Javier de Toro.

Victoria Romero Pazos was invited on behalf of the Spanish Rheumatological League to speak about the role of the patient.

The leitmotiv of the discussions was about the necessity to do things well, in a consensual way and integrating the patient as an active agent, seeking the sustainability of the health system.

Coverage was made by radio and newspapers.

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