The CHRODIS PLUS held its closing online conference on 27 October 2020. This conference illustrated the impact that CHRODIS PLUS has had on public health systems across EU member states over the past 3 years. It focused on showing how the good practices, models and tools implemented by the project can be tailored to various national and local settings across Europe.


CHRODIS PLUS has implemented 21 pilot projects aimed at testing tools and good practices for certain chronic diseases and held 17 policy dialogues (15 national and 2 EU-level ones). It has brought together over 50 partners from 21 European countries.


As a partner in Chrodis Plus, we (Pain Alliance Europe) have been particularly involved in the Work Package (WP) 8 on Employment and Chronic conditions.


Read more about this initiative and our work on the WP8 here.

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