The ‘Brain, Mind and Pain Patient-Centred Innovation Grant’ aims to create an environment where the patient’s involvement is the basis for new initiatives.

The aim is to create new ideas which will directly impact on patients’ needs, and at the same time increase awareness of chronic pain conditions and neurological disorders.

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BMP GRANT 2019-2020 JURY:

We are happy to announce the composition of the Brain, Mind, and Pain Grant Jury for the 2019-2020 edition:

They will be choosing the winner(s) for the 2019-2020 Brain, Mind and Pain Patient-Centred Innovation Grant “STOP Stigma! Reduce stigma to improve quality of life for brain, mind, and pain patients”.

The application period ended on the 31st December, 2019, and the announcement will be made on 24th June, 2020, virtually.

More info will follow here stay tuned!

BMP GRANT 2017-2018 JURY:

On the 31st December 2017, the application period has ended for the Brain, Mind and Pain – PAE’s Patient-Centred Innovation Grant initiative.

Pain Alliance Europe thanks all candidates who sent in their projects – we look forward to discovering your ideas!

A Jury composed exclusively of patients and patients’ representatives ensures that the winning project(s) really represent the most valuable solution(s) for the patients, from a patient perspective.

We are pleased and honored to announce the following members of the BMP Grant Jury:

  • Camille BULLOT (EPF – Director of Operations & Engagement)
  • Joke JAARSMA (EFNA Board Member –  Education and Training)
  • Mariano VOTTA (ACN – Director)
  • Joop VAN GRIENSVEN (PAE President)

The assessment period will end early May and a communication will be issued at the end of the evaluations with all candidates to inform upon the results.

The announcement of the winners will be officially made in June at a date which will be confirmed later on. Stay tuned!

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