European Federation of Neurological Associations

The European Federation of Neurological Associations EFNA  celebrated the Brain Awareness Week 2019 by creating and publishing a new awareness campaign. 

Patient-based evidence of the burden of living with neurological disorders were the basis of the #BrainLifeGoals campaign. Patients having different neurological conditions  were asked what would make a difference to their life as a patient with a brain disorder. 

The campaign was published during the Brain Awareness Week, March 11-17 and united under the hashtag #brainlifegoals patients and supporters’ insights, highlighting the differences between their lives and others’.

The campaign is followed by a support initiative for projects raising awareness on brain disorders. 5 grants of 2,500 EUR are offered to the winning projects. The details will

 Application form will be available starting the 15th April, 2019. You can find more details here.on EFNA’s website

Here is how EFNA described their action:

“Sharing #LifeGoals has become a popular trend in social media. #LifeGoals are the often frivolous wishes people have – for example to own a designer handbag, meet a particular pop star or drive a Maserati! In this campaign we will put a new spin on the #LifeGoals trend by instead sharing #BrainLifeGoals. So while one person’s #LifeGoals might include ‘To run a marathon’, someone living with chronic pain can have a goal such as ‘To walk without pain’.

The #BrainLifeGoals campaign will raise awareness of the impact of neurological diseases by exploring the dreams and aspirations of those living with a brain disorder.”

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