What does “pain” mean to you? Is it just a word? Or… It resonates? It hurts? Is it you? Is it someone you know? Is it someone you love/care for? It makes you think you can do something about people who suffer (so often without showing it)?

What is it that prevents you from going further? If the answer to this question has the word “money” in it, keep reading. You are in for a solution.

WHAT (are we talking about)?

PAE and Grünenthal, partnering with several organisations concerned by the problem of chronic pain – have created the Brain Mind and Pain Patient-Centred Innovation Grant to promote and financially support patient-centred projects.

Transforming ideas in support for the patients

Your solution’s main objective will be to improve pain patients’ living conditions. It could be anything from research to a practical solution no one has thought about before. Bring a new solution to an existing problem.

Your solution should focus on “Overcoming obstacles in access to treatments”. See all the details in the Call for proposals

WHO (can apply)?

The ideal profile of the BMP Grant applicant: anyone with a great idea and a solid plan to make it happen.

Are you a pain patient or know anyone who is? When confronted with a problem, do you surrender and adapt around it or… Do you do something about it?

If yes, the BMP Grant stands here for you to get the support you need.

We encourage you to take the step further: put a plan together, calculate your budget needs, look for allies and partners, measure the outcome, and give the BMP Grant the opportunity to support you.

Are you alone? get the support of a patient organisation.

HOW (to apply)?

Online application: Submit your answers here (a list of the questions is also provided on request so to be able to prepare offline your answers). Check the indications on how to fill in the form. Study the call for proposals, this document contains all the details needed for you to understand the requests of eligibility and procedures.

Do you still have questions? Drop us an email and we will be glad to guide you through the application process.


The application period is open. Make sure you submit your application before 31 December 2017.

Bonus: All applications received before 15 November are pre-evaluated on the main eligibility criteria and the respective applicants get the chance to rectify the submitted application, thus increasing their chances not to miss any detail.



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