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Pain Alliance Europe and European Federation of Neurological Associations (EFNA), in partnership with the European Academy of Neurology and the European Pain Federation, have the pleasure to invite you on the 22nd November 2017 to the next meeting of the MEP Interest Group on Brain, Mind, and Pain:

Ensuring equitable access to high-quality treatment in brain, mind and pain disorders


Case-Studies from across Europe

22 November 2017; 8.30 – 10.30 (Registration 7.45am)
Room JAN 6Q1

European Parliament, Brussels



Welcome                                                                                                                      08.30-08.35h

  • Jeroen Lenaers MEP 

Opening remarks                                                                                                        08.35-08.45h

  • Guenther Deuschl – President, European Academy of Neurology
  • Bart Morlion – President, European Pain Federation

CASE-STUDIES: A Health Professional Perspective

  1. STROKE                                                                                             8.45-08.55h
    Prof. Franz Fazekas will present the results of a questionnaire conducted by the European Stroke Organisation which highlights disparities in access to stroke treatment across Europe. He will also draw on the outcomes of an EAN study which gives an overview of the current practice of neurology across Europe; highlighting examples of good and poor practice – as well as briefly mentioning access to quality neurology education and training.
  2. PARKINSON’S DISEASE                                                                 8.55-09.05h
    Prof. Guenther Deuschl will discuss how many treatment options are now available for PD patients but illustrate how these are not accessible for all. He will also mention a project EAN is preparing which will aim to assess the availability of the necessary health care interventions for neurology patients across Europe.
  3. CHRONIC PAIN                                                                                9.05-09.25h
    Prof. Christopher Eccleston will reflect upon the book European Pain Management, the first comprehensive publication on the state of pain care and access to treatment across Europe. Prof. Bart Morlion will then give a brief overview of the European Pain Federation’s activities and how they help to improve equitable access to high-quality treatment for patients in Europe.

PANEL DISCUSSION: A Patient Perspective                                        09.25-10.10h

Chairperson: Nicola Bedlington, Director European Patients’ Forum
Participants: Monika Benson – Dystonia
Neil Betteridge – Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Diseases
Astri Arnesen – Huntington’s Disease
Joop van Griensven – Chronic Pain

This panel debate will give the opportunity to patients and other participants to share their ideas on the issues created by inequitable access to treatment across Europe.  It will give a chance to explore the role that patient organisations can play in ensuring equitable access, and the political support needed.

THE FUTURE – Will Brexit derail progress in both the EU and UK?    10.10-10.20h

Ms. Elisabetta Zanon – Brexit Health Alliance

Cooperation across Europe has resulted in benefits for patients. Our speaker will explore how cross-border trade in medicines and medical devices could be disrupted post-Brexit.

Comments, Conclusions, and Close      Theresa Griffin MEP                10.20-10.30h





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