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Fibromyalgia Association of Sweden (Fibromyalgiförbundet)

For the fourth year in a row Fibromyalgia Association of Sweden participated in Almedalen Week at the beginning of July. Almedalen Week is an annual event that takes place in and around Almedalen, a park in the city of Visby on the Swedish island of Gotland.

Marie-Louise Olsson -Almedalen week 2017

Fibromyalgia Association of Sweden’s president, Marie-Louise Olsson, met members from The Swedish Disability Rights Federation

This week is filled with speeches, seminars and other activities and is considered to be the most important forum in Swedish politics with representatives from all major political parties. We listened to several interesting seminars concerning different aspects of health care; we met and talked to politicians about fibromyalgia and chronic pain – a great opportunity for networking and for making our association more known to politicians.



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