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ADDCA – Chronic Pain Patients Association in Azores

The ADDCA (Chronic Pain Patients Association in Azores) held the first of four ‘public open days’ on Saturday, the 25th March.  These are to talk about chronic pain: how to cope with it and even to prevent it.

17474101_306463669772555_747195170_o 17505820_306464483105807_1675546446_nThe presentation by the pain medicine physician focused on the definition of pain, the mechanisms that make chronic pain appear and remain longer than three months, the differences between acute pain and chronic pain, and pain as a disease. It was also explained how the person with pain is evaluated, the individual factors that can influence behaviours resulting from this chronic situation.

The psychologist also talked about the strategies used to help patients deal with pain, giving them tools with which he can reduce the influence of his emotions, thoughts and behaviours in the amplification of pain.

During the meeting, at which there were present around two dozen people, testimonies were given and discussions were held on how patients can access pain treatments.

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