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ADDCA – Chronic Pain Patients Association in Azores

To mark and celebrate the Carnival, the ADDCA (Chronic Pain Patients Association in Azores) held a party on February 25 where users and partners gave wings to their imagination and made of that moment a memorable “day”.


To enter the carnival spirit, the association’s members began days before, to create and decorate carnival masks using the most diverse materials which would later adorn the space of the association. And they did not stop there: even the party had the imprint of the association, they tried to make a carnival costume for the Cultural Partner Cheerleader who disguised herself as Cleopatra at the hands of the ladies who give life to that association.

In addition to a lot of music and dancing, plenty of traditional «malassadas» snacks were eaten, and to the sound of the samba and other more Portuguese ballads people ate and exchanged life stories.

And as a picture is worth a thousand words I invite you to take a look at the photographic report.20170225_15435520170225_154809



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