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ADDCA – Chronic Pain Patients Association of Azores

The Senior Academy of the University of Azores invited ADDCA President Maria Teresa Flor de Lima, MD, MSc,  to present a Seminary on Pain to celebrate the Global Year of Excellence in Pain Education.

The metaphor of the event was the mask and the discussions turned around the visible and invisible face of pain, trying to identify the reasons why patients often use a mask to hide their pain. The following was revealed:

1 – invisible
2 – subjective
3 – perception
4 – myths
5 – stigma
6 – consequences
7 – lack of adequate answers
8 – influences of the person
9 – family / environment / context influences
10 – no cure
11 – difficult to control

The discussion topics were:

  • Social Impact of Pain
  • Resources in the RAA, in Portugal, in Europe, in the world.
  • Pain Evaluation;
  • Types of Pain (because there is Pain);
  • Pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments
  • Self-control of Pain

The Global Year for Excellence in Pain Education is an action launched by IASP – The International Association for the Study of Pain.

The theme of the 2018 Global Year for Excellence in Pain Education is “Bridging the gap between knowledge and practice.” The goal is to make a difference in four domains:

  • Public and Government Education
  • Patient Education
  • Professional Education
  • Pain Education Research


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