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Galician Rheumatological League

The Galician Rheumatological League has been very busy these last months. Apart from various articles in the press, interviews on the radio and with Health Authorities from our Autonomic Region and from the Spanish Country, we have the pleasure to share some of the most important activities.

: Our psychologist developed a 6 session course of Mindfulness for the control of pain in groups of 6 persons. The course is being taught, with lots of success, in several delegations of our League.

LIGAFLASH AND INFORMATION CAMPAIGN: during the 3rd trimester of 2016, our itinerant photograph exhibition and information campaign have been visiting more cities in our Autonomic Region.

galicia-league-bonesFOR YOUR BONES: We are working on a campaign with 2 aims. On one hand fundraising, and for people who are too ill or live far away from our offices and need the home visit of our psychologist and/or occupational therapist in order to help them  cope with their fragile health condition.  The other objective is raising awareness and make visible the rheumatological illnesses.

We do it by means of selling for 5 euros bone shaped chocolates in a nice wrapping (orders can be send at )

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