Pain Patients Pathway Recommendations Project

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The surveys were targeted at the 3 main actors involved in chronic pain and aimed at identifying the gaps and recognizing the best practices in chronic pain management:

  • Ministry of Health (10 Ministries interviewed)– the degree to which institutional bodies are issuing norms and promoting policies and actions against unnecessary pain. These actions show the level of attention for people living with Chronic Pain at a national level.
  • National Patients Associations or Citizens organizations dealing with Pain (37 patients and civic organizations involved) – the knowledge civic partnerorganisations have. They may offer a wide range of information on health care system, in connection with serious violations of rights they have become aware of in their role of “protectors” of rights of people living with Chronic Pain.
  • National representatives of the European Associations of Health professionals (54 professionals interviewed) – the direct experience of key health professionals who daily manage the care-pathways of Chronic Pain patients.

–> See full report on questionnaires: PPPR Questionnaires Report