Managing Board

Pain Alliance Europe is represented and managed by a Board. The Board members are selected by majority vote in the General Assembly. Currently, these are:

  • PRESIDENT: Joop van Griensven, The Netherlands
  • VICE PRESIDENT: Liisa Jutila, Finland
  • TREASURER Viorica Cursaru, Romania
  • SECRETARY HONOUREE: Marian Nicholson, UK
  • Maria Soledad Garcia Penalta, Spain
  • Mariano Votta, Italy
  • Gemma Fernández, Spain


  • Mariana Branco – EU Affairs Coordinator

General Assembly

PAE’s General Assembly possesses all powers to pursue the objectives of the association and is composed of ordinary members. They meet at least once a year.

The associated members and honour members may participate with a consultative vote.


Published PAE Statues (English) 2013


The PAE’s Ethical code document has been approved during the General Assembly of the 23rd of June 2015. You can read and download it here: PA_Ethical code proposal_approved 2015.