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SIP Thematic Network Live Webinar 25 June 2018

By the end of June, the SIP Thematic Network project will reach the first milestone in the preparation of the draft Framing Paper to support the Joint Statement on the Societal Impact of Pain.

Why a Joint Statement? This document will represent the unified voice of stakeholders concerned with the topic. It will be used in preparing agreed EU Commission priorities or implementation of EU Commission’s ongoing initiatives.

In order to facilitate the implementation of actions towards a decision-making process in which pain in general, and chronic pain, in particular, are included in EU policies, the SIP partners have been given the opportunity to organise our first live webinar within the EU Policy Platform so that we may present this ongoing work on the Joint Statement on the Societal Impact of Pain, soliciting the contribution and support of their endorsers and partners. This will be on the 25th of June 2018 @ 11h30 CET.

Representatives of DG Santé will join the SIP partners in the discussions and we invite all stakeholder organisations concerned by the societal impact of pain to join the conversation during this one-hour live webinar, to share their findings, best practices and enhance the message we send to the decision-makers with regards to the inclusion of pain in EU Health policies.

If you have any questions about or would like to propose your contribution to this project, please email Anca Pop ( or Vittoria Carraro (

An official invitation to the webinar will be published soon, stay tuned and… save the date!



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