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“Om gek van te worden” gets translated

During the past two years, a film crew followed six chronic pain patients, varying in age from 10 to 80, in their struggle to cope with everyday life. The result is a documentary which has a high level of recognition in certain circumstances as it shows exactly what chronic pain patients and their near ones, experience on a day to day situation. It shows happy moments and sad moments: it shows the life of a chronic pain patient.

This documentary “Om gek van te worden” was first shown during the Dutch ‘Week against Pain’, end September 2016. Because of its universal character, PAE was asked by the production team if it was possible to make this video accessible in more countries. The production team with a little help of PAE was able to find a sponsor for that idea and now we are able to provide the video subtitled in five major European languages: German, French, English, Spanish and Italian. If we can find volunteers in other countries who can make translations, we can add more languages.  So we are counting on our members to increase the numbers of European citizens which can see and follow this video.

After all the preparations and alterations, this video will be available for all our members to be used in their own national awareness campaigns.

We would like first of all thank the individuals who were willing to have the crew follow them for 18 months in both good and bad times and tell about their personal feelings. Then, of course, the crew of Happy Motion who put together such an impressive documentary.  Finally, we thank the sponsor of the translations for making it possible that the whole of Europe can see and follow what it is to be a chronic pain patient. It doesn’t make a difference if you are 10 years or 80 years old. Perhaps they express themselves differently, but the issues are the same.

All the members will be informed how they can get hold on the video. We will try to get it available through our website but this will depend technical possibilities.

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