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During the fourth quarter of 2017, ADDCA had its most important event celebrating its 12th anniversary on the 28th October. In addition to the usual conviviality, this year a workshop was organized where the public, politicians and the media were present.

We wanted to spread the word about Chronic Pain and its impact on patients, families, caregivers and on society. The chosen theme was «On the Route of Pain – from Europe to Ponta Delgada»

Of particular relevance was the support of:

–              the Portuguese Association for the Study of Pain, APED, moving a speaker to speak about Pain in the Elderly

–             MEP Sofia Ribeiro who sent a video on the European Commission’s concern about support for caregivers

–              Pain Alliance Europe, with a message from its President

The Coordinator of the Scientific Council of ADDCA presented the importance of the European Charter for Patients’ Rights and the actions taken in the European Institutions in the Scope of SIP (Societal Impact of Pain) to:

–              raising awareness of the relevance of the impact of pain

–              exchanging information and sharing best-practices across all member states of the European Union

–              developing and fostering European-wide policy strategies and activities for an improved pain care in Europe


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