ISAL Foundation

ISAL Foundation will organize the international event One Hundred Cities Against Pain again this year. The event will be held on Saturday 28th September 2019. The aim of the Day is to sensitize and inform people about pain, to recognize chronic pain as a preventable and treatable disease, support healthcare efforts to prevent and manage chronic pain, promote funds raising for research, facilitate the development of a specialist formative culture, and involve media in pain fighting.

As every year, individuals, patients, doctors, associations and institutional agencies will join the celebration of the International Day in different ways: by organizing their own events in cities or hospitals, supporting the initiative through the website and social networks, participating in our web campaign: #zeropain.

This year, a special aim is to fight for an equal right for people with chronic pain, since the Italian low do not recognize pain in the disability assessment procedure.

For more information, you can contact Michael Tenti at

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